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I'm dealing with PHP grammar and I want to pass to my function the line number I have something like: internal_functions_in_yacc:

        T_ISSET '(' isset_variables ')'
    |   T_EMPTY '(' variable ')'
    |   T_INCLUDE expr  { observers.IncludeFound($2); } 
    |   T_INCLUDE_ONCE expr { observers.IncludeFound($2); } 
    |   T_EVAL '(' expr ')' 
    |   T_REQUIRE expr  { observers.IncludeFound($2); } 
    |   T_REQUIRE_ONCE expr { observers.IncludeFound($2); } 

Now I want to pass line number, something like

T_REQUIRE_ONCE expr { observers.IncludeFound($2,$line_number_here); } 

Is there a way to know line number of the token that bison is parsing? Or is it something that have to be done in lexing?


I found lexing is done using rec2c not lex.

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If line numbers are enabled then they can be accessed using @n with n being the tokens location.

T_REQUIRE_ONCE expr { observers.IncludeFound($2,@2.first_line); }


To expand on the answer %locations is the directive in the link that enables line numbers in bison. The lexer is still responsible for incrementing the line numbers and requires %option yylineno.

Lex File:

\n       { yylloc->lines(yyleng); yylloc->step(); }
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I have checked lexer and it is written in rec2c not lex. I have to edit the tags. Any Idea on rec2c? –  Stefano Mtangoo Feb 28 '12 at 20:27
No I am sorry but if it uses bison just check the documentation for how to handle locations. It may even do it for you (I wouldn't know since I've never used it) –  Joe Feb 28 '12 at 20:29
Since this have revealed the real solution (though not in rec2c) I will accept and just find similar thing in rec2c. Thanks –  Stefano Mtangoo Feb 29 '12 at 13:47

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