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In Joomla I have a web page that, depending on the page, the modules on the right change, each module only has a class that distinguish them, all of them are the same. Since I cannot change this I thought that I could get the text of their heading, trim it and compare it and depending on the outcome add a class so specific css rules would apply, this works fine, but on a module I need to add the class to the .moduletable div not the h3 part how can I do this? here's my code:

   $('#right .moduletable h3').each(function(){
    var text = $(this).text().trim();
        case 'Ultimos Tips!':
        case '¿Conoces los códigos QR?':
        case 'Productos':
        case 'carouselcavero':
            $(this, ':parent').addClass('carromod');

The last case is the one that I need, it does add the class but it keeps adding it to the h3 not the parent div.

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thanx both for your solution worked great :D – Samuel Lopez Feb 28 '12 at 19:31
Glad to help :) – AlienWebguy Feb 28 '12 at 19:32


        $(this, ':parent').addClass('carromod');


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