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I have a csv file in this format:

<userName>, word1=<word1Frequency>, word2=<word2Frequency>, ...

The first problem is, this csv file does not have a header, which is required by WEKA. What should the header be like? Should it just be username, word1, word2, ...

Also, to import for clustering, is it OK if it put 1 file per user under a common directory? I am very new to this. I have used mallet before so feel free to use reference of mallet.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


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In order to convert it to ARFF format, you will need to assign each unique word a column ID. Then convert the vectors to ARFF sparse vectors, which look like this:

{<colnr> <value>, <colnr> <value>, ...}

Where colnr is the integer attribute number (the unique column ID you assigned to the word). They must be ordered ascendingly, I believe.

Alternatively, you could give ELKI a try. It seems to have much more clustering than Weka. It has a parser API for a couple of formats, maybe one of these formats suits your needs, or can more easily adopted to your needs.

TermFrequencyParser seems to be almost what you need:

A parser to load term frequency data, which essentially are sparse vectors with text keys.

Parse a file containing term frequencies. The expected format is 'label term1 term2 ...'. Terms must not contain the separator character!

You can probably just set the separator pattern to [, =]+ and it will read your file right away.

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Awesome! just what I was looking for. I was thinking the wrong way. I have to put individual words in '@Attribute' not in '@Data'. Thanks a lot for the response. In the meantime, I will definitely take a look at ELKI. It does seem to have what I am looking for. But I don't understand why would anyone give me a downvote for asking this question :S –  javaCity Mar 1 '12 at 8:15
I assume you got the downvote for not having researched enough. There are plenty of Weka ARFF file examples. Plus, the Weka mailing list is very helpful, and a more appropriate place to ask this question. –  Anony-Mousse Mar 1 '12 at 14:02

convert your file/s to ARFF format, with a header as described here:


about reading files from multiple directories, I believe this example could help:



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Thanks! This is really helpful! –  aviad Feb 29 '12 at 9:48
@ihadanny thank you for your response. I've gone through all the tutorials from the official site, but I still cannot get a hang of it. I manually converted my csv file to ARFF format from my program using this syntax @RELATION wordfrequency @ATTRIBUTE word string @ATTRIBUTE frequency numeric @DATA {2 francear,2 rt,1 obama,1 profilechairman,1 profilevice,1 profiledarwish,1 profileholding} But I still cannot get the usernames included in my data. That is, I have a collection of 100,000 data in this format. How to include all of them? Or am I thinking the wrong way? –  javaCity Feb 29 '12 at 16:56

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