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I created a node type, say 'Project' with the path as '/pro/{node:title}', and then I created a 'Project view', in this view I show the project information as well as some other information by using the attachments and relationships. The path of view is /project/%, argument is project 's title

in order to avoid the conflict, so you see 'Project' node type is '/pro/{node:title}', 'Project' view type is /project/%

For this view, I created a page and a block, the problem is in the block, I want to make block's title link to the view 's page rather than node 's page. so that means, when in the view block, there is a link for the project, when I click this link, it will bring me to the 'project' 's view( project/% ) instead of 'project' node type(pro/{node:tile}).

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I get my problem solved. by working with view, I can use the option 'rewrite the output of this field' to add the link to the view instead of node type

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