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It's a simple order... but it doesn't work. I can get the combo to drop down, OR I can get it to requery, but I cannot get it to requery and drop down in the same function. When I put these together it only does the requery. My hunch is that it needs to wait until the query is complete before going on to dropdown, but I'm only guessing.

Private Sub Combo15_GotFocus()




End Sub

How can I make it requery and dropdown successfully?

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It works for me. Are you sure you do not have some other code that is interfering? –  Remou Feb 28 '12 at 19:52
No other things interfere. I eliminated every other action. –  Ben Feb 28 '12 at 20:04
Which version of Access? Also, have you compacted and repaired? Decompiled? tried the whole thing in a new, scratch database? –  Remou Feb 28 '12 at 20:05
compacting and repairing didn't work, although it reduced my db from 6MB to 1MB (thanks). –  Ben Feb 28 '12 at 20:32
Is there a way to have the dropdown command wait until the requery is finished? –  Ben Feb 28 '12 at 20:33
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In chat you say that the subform controls the records for the drop down, so it seems that a subform event would be best to requery the dropdown:

Private Sub Form_AfterInsert()
End Sub

This should mean that you can now use the focus event to drop down.

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Yeah, good enough. :) It's not exactly what I'd prefer because I have to attach that command to several "on exit" controls, but it is a working solution. Thanks for the idea. –  Ben Mar 1 '12 at 17:51
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