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I have several servers offering some special kind of proxy service.

The setup and hardware is the same on all machines. All are running fine except one. That one server has some heavy traffic drops every few seconds and I don't know how to identify the source for this behavior.

I can see drops of ~4 packets / second using watch and ifconfig but they do not increase when the traffic drops. Just the number of RX/TX packets stands still for that second.

This Image (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/828/speedimpact.png/) shows the view of nload which was started like this:

nload -i 600000 -o 600000 -t 500 -u H -U G eth0

The server provider doesn't know what might be the reason for this too.

Anyone any idea what might be the reason for this or how I can track it down?

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