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Why wont this code run? It is meant to allow the user to input a number into the script in a loop until the user enters a -1 then the script should terminate However I keep getting this error:

-ne: unexpected operator

Here is the code:


condition= 0

while [ $condition -ne -1 ]
        echo $condition
        read condition
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You have to remove the space after the condition= and the 0. As spaces are the natural token separator of bash, you have to be very careful where you put spaces. In this case, the space separates a list of initialized variables (in this case with an empty value) of the supposed program (0).

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The space after =. Remove it .

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Well, many already gave you the answers, nevertheless, just see this one if you need it (is just another way, a little more verbose).


while read condition; do
 case "$condition" in
   -1) printf "GOOD BYE!\n"; break ;;
    *) printf "AGAIN, PUT A NUMBER!" ;;
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Thanks for the tip :) –  lilroo Feb 28 '12 at 20:34

Add a semicolon ; after the closing bracket.

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A semicolon is necessary only if the do appears on the same line as the while. –  Adam Liss Feb 28 '12 at 20:30

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