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I'm just diving in to Ember. I'm looking for a way to pass a plain array of vanilla objects into a collection/controller and have them type cast to the correct model.

Here's the simple collection view:

{{#collection id="prods" contentBinding="Vix.prodsController" tagName="ul"}}

Here's the model:

Vix.Prod = Ember.Object.extend({
  id: null,
  title: null

And the controller:

Vix.prodsController = Ember.ArrayController.create({
  content: []

Then let's get some JSON-formatted data from the server. In this example I'll just hard-code it:

var prods = [{id:"yermom1", title:"yermom 1"}, {id:"yermom2", title:"yermom 2"}]

Vix.prodsController.set('content', prods);

So far so good. I get my simple list of li elements displaying the titles as I'd expect. But when I want to update the title of one of the objects, using:

Vix.prodsController.objectAt(0).set('title', 'new title')

It complains because the object has no set method-- it has not been properly cast to my Vix.Prod Ember Object.

Using this alternative:


Produces the same result. It's only if I explicitly create new model instances that I get the get/set goodness:

var prods = [Vix.Prod.create({id:"yermom1", title:"yermom 1"}), {Vix.Prod.create(id:"yermom2", title:"yermom 2"})]

Is there a way to automatically type cast those vanilla objects to my Vix.Prod Ember Object? If not, am I the only one that really wants something like that? In Backbone one can set the model property on a collection. I suppose I can create a setter on my Controller to do something similar- just wondering if there is something built-in that I'm missing. Thanks!

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No magic. I'd suggest do a loop wrapping the model.

var prods = [{id:"yermom1", title:"yermom 1"}, {id:"yermom2", title:"yermom 2"}];

for (var i = 0; i < prods.length; i++) {
    prods[i] = Vix.Prod.create(prods[i]); 
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This doesn't seem to work anymore. When I try this I get You should not call 'create' on a model. Instead, call 'store.createRecord' with the attributes you would like to set. – John Siladie Oct 23 '14 at 4:05

If I use ember as much as I hope to, I'm going to want a shortcut. So here's what I've done for now. I created a base Collection class that I use to create my Collections/Controllers:

Vix.Collection = Ember.ArrayController.extend({

  model: null, 

  pushObject: function(obj) {
    if (this.get('model') && obj.__proto__.constructor !== this.get('model')) {
      obj = this.get('model').create(obj); 
    return this._super(obj);

  pushObjects: function(objs) {
    if (this.get('model')) {
      objs = this._typecastArray(objs)
    return this._super(objs);

  set: function(prop, val) {
    if (prop === 'content' && this.get('model')) {
      val = this._typecastArray(val);
    return this._super(prop, val);

  _typecastArray: function(objs) {
    var typecasted = [];
      if (obj.__proto__.constructor !== this.get('model')) {
        obj = this.get('model').create(obj);
    }, this);
    return typecasted;


Now when I call pushObject, pushObjects, or .set('collection', data), if the collection instance has a defined model property and the objects being added to the collection aren't already of that type, they'll be cast. Been working good so far, but I welcome any feedback.

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You should have a look at ember-data:

It seems to fit your needs...

As of today, it's not yet production ready (as stated in the readme), but is quickly converging toward maturity, thanks to an active development.

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