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I understand the concept of why it wouldn't via css, but not sure if the same behavior would apply to this tooltip plugin

initializeToolTip: function () {
    $(".offer-item").each(function () {
            content: {
                text: 'loading...',
                title: {
                    button: true
                ajax: {
                    url: '/Fakepath/ToolTips/ToolTipHover',
                    type: 'GET'

            style: {
                classes: { tooltip: 'auction-item-tooltip' }

            show: {
                solo: true

            position: {                
                viewport: $(window),
                target: $(this),
                my: 'top right',
                at: 'top right',
                adjust: {
                    method: 'flip flip',
                    x: 280,
                    y: -20

            hide: 'unfocus'



initializeCloseToolTip: function () {
    $('a.close-tooltip').live("click", function (e) {

Trying to get the last element to flip sides when outside of the window to no avail. Been looking at position.container and viewport to no avail. Anybody know if I'm doing something wrong? I have 5 's with tool tips next to each other, then on the last one I want the positioning to switch to 'top left' and opposite positioning.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks for your time! Awesome plugin btw!

Here's some SS's of whats going on.



Edit: Added jsFiddle, link to dev forum

Thanks again!

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According to the author, the viewport and absolute positioning options do not work in tandem.

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