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first question here. Been a long time lurker, really appreciate the immense help this site offers.

So, we completed the migration of a rather large system with hundreds of legacy components to UTF8. Thanks for all the fish, Latin1, but UTF8 is the future and this migration was obligatory.

So, everything works a dandy, except for LIKE searches on MySQL. I searched the other questions here but they all address the main issues of latin1 -> utf8 migration, but not searching, REGEX and LIKE....

For example, I try


and get zero results


and get the expected results(note tilde on the A).

With latin1 the default collation latin1_swedish does the expected thing, considers A to be like Ã, and C to be like Ç. But with none of the UTF8 collations does this work.

What do I do? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you all and I hope to contribute to this community as much as it has contributed to my own work.

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I'm going to hazard a guess and say you are using utf8_bin. You need to use utf8_unicode_ci to get proper comparisons like you are trying to do. It is slightly slower, but more correct.

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maybe you can use the CONVERT function to convert your LATIN1 TO UTF8:

Also, maybe there was something wrong with the conversion, the following link looks like a good guide to convert a DB to UTF8 with some basic *NIX commands:

Hope that made some sense. Good luck!

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