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Is there any good javascript library for drawing graphs in a webpage? I want a modern HTML5 library that preferably uses canvas and/or webgl. I have found a couple of good web libraries while researching but they don't scale to the size of graphs I am operating on (upto 2000 vertices+20000 edges) that a desktop software like Gephi can easily handle or they are flash/silverlight-based. So, far, my best find is a d3.js based implementation. It would be also nice if they had some automatic spring/force-based layouting/clustering algorithm built-in too with Seadragon-style zooming.

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I found a few options on SO itself: stackoverflow.com/questions/7034/… stackoverflow.com/questions/4066579/… –  Sid Feb 28 '12 at 21:38
It would be good to revive this question: what WebGL chart/graph libarys are out there ? Probably not so many :/ –  Manuel Arwed Schmidt Apr 14 '14 at 13:56

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I found exactly what I was looking for in Cytoscape

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its a pretty dead project . no update for very long and version is very alpha? 0.1 .. I wish there will be generalized WebGL Library for data visualization , so far only Google Globe one exist : code.google.com/p/webgl-globe (and its only works with globe models .. :( ) –  V3ss0n Nov 21 '12 at 17:35
I know this is old, but this library is now very active. on feb 22nd '14, last commit was 18 hours ago and current version is 2.1.0 –  maccard Feb 22 '14 at 16:31

It appears that D3.js (which you mentioned in you question) is the best JavaScript graphing library in existence. It's very quick, can handle force-based layouts, and allows zooming.

Collapsible force-based layout example

Another answer on Stack Overflow discusses D3.js zooming more thoroughly.

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Take a look at EXT.js, It can render to canvas, svg and mobile with the same code base. There's a lot more to the product than the visualization engine. It's a complete client-side framework. Well worth looking at.

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SigmaJS is good for graphs in web page via JS.


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