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I'm looking to change some regex I'm using to cater for HTML comment tags instead of CSS.

I've built a preg replace function that can edit between comments in a stylesheet like so:

$find = array();
    $find[0] = "/(\/\*bgColor\*\/).*?(\/\*\/bgColor\*\/)/i";
    $find[1] = "/(\/\*titleColor\*\/).*?(\/\*\/titleColor\*\/)/i";
$replace = array();
    $replace[0] = "\\1 background-color: $bgColor; \\2";
    $replace[1] = "\\1 color: $titleColor; \\2";
$result = preg_replace($find, $replace, $file);

The way this works is demonstrated below:

/*titleColor*/ color: #000; /*/titleColor*/

Any content between the two CSS tags will be replaced.

I'm looking to replicate this idea but with html like so:

<!--titleColor--> content_to_replace  <!--/titleColor-->

What do I need to change in the preg_replace in order for this to work correctly with html comment tags?

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An example of some before/after HTML comment would make it easier for us to understand, I suppose. –  inhan Feb 28 '12 at 21:54
updated op. Does that help? –  tctc91 Feb 28 '12 at 21:57

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$find = array();
    $find[0] = '/(<!--titleColor-->)(.*?)(<!--\/titleColor-->)/i';
$replace = array();
    $replace[0] = '$1' . 'replacement' . '$3';
// I prefer enclosing the current inner value with patantheses
// in case you might wanna change or use it inside the $replace value.
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