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I am able to get the dojo working on my site and AccordionContainer dijit that I am using is working fine. except that I get the error below continously. "Dojotoolkit uncaught exception : could not load cross domain resources"

I tried to locate and fix the issue from the discussions on the same topic here at SO and else where without any succcess.

[http://www.campaniola.ibr.co.il/][1] is the URL in case any of you want to check.

It helps me great deal, If I can be pointed to the right discussion forum/fix

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I checked your site but it seems you switched to JQuery. But to answer your question, if you were using a CDN version of dojo you can get crossdomain errors when dojo tries to access an iframe from another domain. Including the domain of the page.

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Dre, Thankyou very much for your response, I switched my site to jQuery after waiting couple days for an answer here. I'll check based on your response and post the results here when I get a chance. Again, Thank you very very much. –  kalyang Jun 10 '09 at 10:15

If your referencing cross domain resources, please check if all the resource urls are loaded properly, by checking the "net" section of the firebug. In my case i was able to see the dojo.xd.js cdn resource was not loading due to firwall/security settings. Hope this helps. Thanks.

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