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I'm using kinect with OpenCV. I configured it without Cmake. I have included everything but when I write the following code :

 #include "stdafx.h"
 #include <cv.h>
 #include <highgui.h>
 #include <XnCppWrapper.h>

 using namespace std;
 using namespace cv;

   int main()
Mat image = imread("c:\\im.jpg");
VideoCapture Cap (CV_CAP_OPENNI);
if (!Cap.isOpened())
    cout << "wrong";

return 0;

I get the word "wrong" on the screen. I think there is a problem with Xncore.dll How can I add it or what is the problem with my code?

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You need to recompile opencv from souce with openni support. The pre compiled binaries don't have it by default.

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Hi, Where can I get the source from? from this link ( it just links to sourceforge where the tarballs are (which is what I used) – Aly Dec 10 '12 at 16:34

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