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With years of handling special cases in some of my queries, I'm curious if there is a simlified version of the CASE logic below:

  CASE WHEN AverageRate < 0.1 THEN 0 ELSE AverageRate END AS [AverageRate]
FROM AdventureWorks.Sales.CurrencyRate

Ideally, it would behave very similarly to ISNULL, but allows for an additional input for the conditional statement.

I know it would be relatively easy to roll my own function, but I was wondering if there was something built in that I could tap.



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SQL Server 2012 is likely to introduce the IIF function. I say 'likely' because we can't be sure until the release version is shipped. De-facto, it is supported in current RC's.
As for the earlier versions of SQL Server, there are no such built-in shorthand approaches.

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Thanks for the info, Yuriy. I just spun up a few 2012 RC servers here so I'll keep an eye out for it on RTM. –  marky-b Mar 1 '12 at 21:19
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I've been around sql server quite a few years and haven't come across any shorter clause to perform conditional check.

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