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Does anyone know of any web based software that facilitates crowd sourcing API documentation? Meaning users can edit and contribute to API documentation, and the users may be anyone on the Internet. Sort of like a wiki, but tailored to API documentation. Yes, you could do this with a wiki, but it's not exactly well suited for the job.

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Interesting, but "not a real SO question". –  user166390 Feb 28 '12 at 23:40
Any nice answer? I am searching for it also. We could build something... –  Richard Feb 28 at 23:08

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Did you check out http://drupal.org/node/144223 already ?
The have such a system where users can contribute to the API documentation, they use the DOXYGEN comments in the source files to generate the API automated.
That's in general a common approach to generate API docs.

That's the best example I've come across so far.

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i just discovered readme.io - looks like an awesome project and they have a free plan. I do not work for them :)

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