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I've got Oracle XE installed on Debian linux and the character set is configured to AL32UTF8. There are several client applications that connects to a database from Windows with the different locales - French etc, not English. That's ok with all the client data these applications put into database, nothing converted and text data in French represents correctly.

But texts in audit tables looks like '??????' if contains any not-english character. I suppose this is because audit records go to database in the different locale and it's not dependent on the client's globalization/locale settings.

How this globalization issue can be fixed? thanks!

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Are you sure writing is the problem and not just the reading? Do you read your Audit tables with a different app? –  Toby Allen Jun 4 '09 at 10:46

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See if this post helps:

Oracle NLS_LANG for language/territory/character set

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