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I have a pig script, and need to load files from local hadoop cluster. I can list the files using hadoop command: hadoop fs –ls /repo/mydata,` but when i tried to load files in pig script, it failed. the load statement is like this:

in = LOAD '/repo/mydata/2012/02' USING PigStorage() AS (event:chararray, user:chararray)

the error message is:

Message: org.apache.pig.backend.executionengine.ExecException: ERROR 2118: Input path does not exist: file:/repo/mydata/2012/02

any idea? thanks

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got it, should be like this: in = LOAD "hdfs:/repo/mydata/2012/02" USING PigStorage() AS ... –  user468587 Feb 29 '12 at 17:10

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My suggestion:

  1. Create a folder in hdfs : hadoop fs -mkdir /pigdata

  2. Load the file to the created hdfs folder: hadoop fs -put /opt/pig/tutorial/data/excite-small.log /pigdata

(or you can do it from grunt shell as grunt> copyFromLocal /opt/pig/tutorial/data/excite-small.log /pigdata)

  1. Execute the pig latin script :

       grunt> set debug on
       grunt> set job.name 'first-p2-job'
       grunt> log = LOAD 'hdfs://hostname:54310/pigdata/excite-small.log' AS 
                  (user:chararray, time:long, query:chararray); 
       grunt> grpd = GROUP log BY user; 
       grunt> cntd = FOREACH grpd GENERATE group, COUNT(log); 
       grunt> STORE cntd INTO 'output';
  2. The output file will be stored in hdfs://hostname:54310/pigdata/output

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I faced the same issue.. please find my suggestions below:

  1. To start working on PIG please type: [root@localhost training]# pig -x local

  2. Now type load statement as I am doing in below example: grunt> a= LOAD '/home/training/pig/TempFile.txt' using PigStorage(',') as (c1:chararray,c2:chararray,c3:chararray);

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