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I am using FlashDevelop to develop flex applications and wanted to paint a LineChart in a panel. I used an example of Adobe itself to be found here.

When I compiled it FlashDevelop showed the following output

file type was not found or was not a compile-time constant

For Both LineChart and AreaChart.

Can someone tell me why this happens? I also tried it in the code by importing mx.charts.LineChart, my code completion found the classes but when compiling the same error occurs.

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As answered by bug-a-lot the Data Visualization classes and components that Adobe creates are licensed separately and must be downloaded separately from the SDK.

You can download the Flex 3.3 components here ->


Note however that if you use them you will get a watermark in any of the charting components. To get rid of this watermark you have to have a Flex Builder Pro license.

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Make sure you have Adobe Flex Data Visualization Components along with the Flex SDK you are using.

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