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I've been programming Python with Vim for a while but one thing I haven't been able to figure out how to do it set it to auto indent to the level of the last open paren.

According to pep8 if you have an open paren and you need to break the line to fit in 80 columns then you're supposed to continue the next line at that open paren. Example:

calling_some_really_long_function(that, has, way, too, many, arguments, to, fit,
                                  on, one, line)

Obviously this is a crazy example, but that's how you're supposed to break your lines in python.

What I'd really like to be able to do is set up Vim so that when I type fit,<cr> and it will place my cursor on the next line just to the right of the open paren, so I can just type on, etc. instead of some combination of <tab> and <space> keys beforehand.

I don't think I'll ever trust the auto-formatter for python code in Vim but bonus points if that works too.

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Ydgrasil seems to have a modification for the .vim/indent/python.vim file that will do just this.

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Use gq, either over the whole selection with a VISUAL block, or with a movement, like gqq or gqj

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