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How to Acces Button In TDBNavigator using pyWinAuto ?

when id call method print_control_identifiers i can not find buttons in DBNavigator. here is my Code :

import time

   from pywinauto import application
except ImportError:
   import os.path
   pywinauto_path = os.path.abspath(__file__)
   pywinauto_path = os.path.split(os.path.split(pywinauto_path)[0])[0]
   import sys
   from pywinauto import application

from pywinauto import tests
from pywinauto.findbestmatch import MatchError
from pywinauto import findwindows
from pywinauto import WindowAmbiguousError
from pywinauto.controls import WrapHandle

from pywinauto.timings import Timings

app = application.Application()
app.connect_(path = "D:\SharedProjects\Projects\pyWinAuto\PYWINAUTO.exe")
pwin = app.MAIN
pwin.MenuSelect("Transaksi->Form 2")

frmDua = app['Form Dua']

dbNavigator = frmDua['TDBNavigator']

result of dbNavigator.print_control_identifiers() are :

Control Identifiers:
TDBNavigator - ''   (L673, T285, R1335, B310)
'3' 'TDBNavigator'

there is not button in TDBNavigator. So, how can i access btnFirst, btnPrev, btnInsert, etc

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Yes , Finaly I Found It

dbNavigator = frmDua['TDBNavigator']
SendKeys.SendKeys("""{LEFT 10}""") #Move Cursor To Most LeftButton
SendKeys.SendKeys("""{RIGHT 4}""") #Move Cursor To InsertButton
SendKeys.SendKeys("""{SPACE}""")   #Perform Click On Insert Button
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