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I have a a file like this,


3.999999000000e-003 1.2344325e-003

4.000000000000e-003 1.2342323e-003


I am trying to find find only values equal to 0.004 (4.000000000000e-003 long form) but I dont want to have to input the long form as the precisions can change from file to file. I have to do a line split beforehand, so I also have to convert it from a string first.

How can I evaluate something like 0.004 == 4.000000000000e-003 in python?

I currently have been trying stuff like, but obviously its not working

        line_tmp = line.split()

        if float(line_tmp[0]) == 0.004:
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If you need to compare two floating point numbers, you should check whether the difference between them is incredibly small. Something like:

if abs(number1 - number2) < 1e-8:
    # Do something
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Thanks seems to work nicely. It seems like there would be a more elegant solution tho. – T May Feb 29 '12 at 1:50

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