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I need to intercept all mail sent by Thunderbird and block sending if there is a predefined string in the mail body. It should be a part of our already existing XPCOM dll addon.

Do you have any ideas how to implement it?

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Block sending a predefined string? Just wondering, why would you want that. –  grawity Jun 4 '09 at 9:00
no reason at all :), just an example. But could be scanning for some sensitive user data, which should not go out as plaintext –  Yarik Jun 4 '09 at 9:52

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function send_event_handler( evt ) {

  var msgcomposeWindow = document.getElementById( "msgcomposeWindow" );

  var msg_type = msgcomposeWindow.getAttribute( "msgtype" );

  // do not continue unless this is really an actual send event

  if( !(msg_type == nsIMsgCompDeliverMode.Now || msg_type == nsIMsgCompDeliverMode.Later) )

  // do what ever you want to do here

// here is the listener
window.addEventListener( "compose-send-message", send_event_handler, true );
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