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since I dont get an answer on sencha touch forum I will ask you fellows how to build my sencha app for iOS.

Actually, since I upgraded to the SDK Tools RC, I am able to package and run it for iOSSimulator.

But when I try to package to iOS it gives me the following error:

on terminal:

sencha package myconfig.json


The application was successfully packaged

codesign_allocate: for architecture armv7 object: /Users/kinhow/Documents/myapp/build///My App.app/stbuild_template malformed object (unknown load command 8)

/Users/kinhow/Documents/myapp/build///My App.app: object file format invalid or unsuitable

Failed to execute system command while signing application with error 256

Failed to package application

Hope you guys can save me

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The packager uses Mac OS X built-in utility codesign. Load command 8 is VERSION_MIN_IPHONEOS and if codesign does not understand it that means on your computer it's outdated, you can either update your OS or install latest Xcode.

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