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Possible Duplicate:
Best Weather APIs?

I thought a lot people know this app 'Weather Live!' in iOS store. It's a great app to get weather information because of its detailed.

I already searched many weather apis, just like worldweatheronline, National Weather Service, google weather api and so on, but those just give you an overall information each day in a week.

So, I want to know how to get the detailed weather information as 'Weather Live!' which has every 3 hours info??


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Wunderground just came out with a new weather API that includes the next 36 hours of hourly data (3 days, as you mentioned.) Check it out.

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Probably from your national forecaster. In Australia, that's the Bureau of Meterology ( The Australian BoM provides json feeds for each observatory in the country.

For instance, the following is for Melbourne:

Of course, it's probably different for every country. Dig around your national forecasters web-site for similar feeds. Try contacting them if you have difficulty. Some enhanced services may be commercial, but I would expect most of it is free wherever you are.

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Weather Bug has an API with hourly data.

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