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In the Disassembly window, I have something like:

   call        dword ptr ds:[6275FCh] 

What can I type in the address box, in order to go to the indirect address pointed to by [6275FCh], without having to copy-paste it from the Memory window, and of course without tracing into the thing?

EDIT: Actually the ultimate dream would be to resolve the address directly to a symbol, but I doubt that is possible...

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Well, I finally solved this a few weeks ago. So I figured, why not share?

The thing is that even the address field in the debugger's disassembly and memory windows are "type-aware"

And the type of 6275FCh (or 0x6275FC) is void*. Thus the data pointed to by that constant is meaningless. In order to give it a meaning we must cast it to a useful type. Consequently the answer to my question above is, type this into the address box:

 *(int*)0x006275FC // *(int*)006275FCh works as well 

And another nifty example is, to type this into the address field:

 *((int*)ESP + 1)

The memory window will always show the buffer pointed to by the second element on the stack!

[32-bit-ints assumed above]

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