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Need guidance on augmented reality demo.

I have setup AR tool kit in my windows xp machine. I have USB Web cam and i have 3d maya diagram in my pc.

USB Web cam is connected in my machine. Now i want to take piece of paper as a marker and show that paper infront of webcam. My 3d maya diagram should overlay on that paper in my windows machine.

How can i achieve this ? how can i feed 3d diagram in to ARtoolhit. how to combine marker , and 3d image file.

Anybody help me in this.

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Did you download Artoolkit source code? If not please download it. Because it contains a examples showing how to pop up a 3D model.

Also to recognize your own markers you need to train them. You can use the marker trainer coming with Artoolkit. Or else you can use following online marker generator.

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You could look on using Unity with Vuforia. All of that is free to use / trial. If is mainly for mobile platform but there is a lot of video tutorials that could help you.

After register at Vuforia you will be able to upload the images and make them as "AR markes". You could then add them to your project in Unity and build quickly some AR applications. Here is some video about how to do this:

Let me know if you will have problems with it.

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