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I am new to heroku/sinatra and have an app with an oauth callback URL. The simplest thing to do seems to be to modify /etc/hosts to spoof the production URL on my local machine, looping back to

The problem is that when I use foreman or shotgun locally, they do not listen on port 80 (And I'd prefer for them not to)

What is the best way to make requests to my-app.herokuapp.com:80 be served by localhost:5000 ?

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I was trying to achieve something like this as well, but wasn't able to direct request from one port to another without running a proxy (i.e. directing requests from port 80 in the browser to 5000 on the server).

However, I got this workaround that's fairly close:

# in your /etc/hosts file:  my-app.herokuapp.com

Then, if your Shotgun runs on port 5000, you should be able to acess http://my-app.herokuapp.com:5000 in the browser.

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This sounds reasonable. If I recall this was a Facebook apps question and another approach is simply to have multiple apps (e.g. staging and production) for this purpose –  Chris Bosco Nov 14 '12 at 4:23

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