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I need to include a file that's in /include/mysample.html.php

The file I am including it in is in /public_html/test/index.php

How can I reference it?

I tried

include '~/include/mysample.html.php' and it didn't work...

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~/ is an ASP thing. If you can't directly access it with /include (or a direct/relative path based on the server's environment and/or current file's location) it's probably a security restriction. Is this your own server, or a host you're using? –  Brad Christie Feb 29 '12 at 5:03

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Just use .. to go up a directory:

include '../../include/mysample.html.php';
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~/ is a shell thing. The shell (aka bash, etc) interprets ~ to be the user's home directory. PHP is not going to do that, and instead will be looking for a directory named ~ in the current directory.

Your options:

  • Use '..' to go up one directory.
  • Use the absolute path to the directory you intend to include from.
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