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this is my website www.hackingsociety.in actually i am getting a problem in sharing my website's post in facebook yesterday only i got an error saying "Error parsing input URL, no data was scraped." please help me out from here "http://www.hackingsociety.in/2012/01/how-to-get-ip-address-of-any-user.html" => this URL I posted before also but that time it was working fine but don't know what all happend now. please help me out as soon as possible. i think it was a problem creatyed by me. actually i was adding some meta tags for specific posts including their description. but yesterday only when i tried sharing my post i found that post's thumbnail n description is not coming up while sharing so i decided to remove those newly made meta tags and so yestrday only i removed that but still not get that thing. my problem is still there. please do check my html source code also. please suggest me somethng with which i can get that all back again. thanks

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