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Is it possible, and if yes how is it done? The usual > and >> that work on the Windows or Linux command line don't work in this context.

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You can do it programmaticaly from console:

import scala.Console

Console.setOut(new FileOutputStream("<output file path>"))

from now on all print and println would be directed into this file

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setOut is not working in 2.9 REPL due to SI-4793. See my answer – 4e6 Feb 29 '12 at 6:24
Though not perfect, I'm accepting this is as the most useful answer. I notice sometimes there is nothing in the file until I exit the REPL. To get around that involves storing the FileOutputStream in a val and then calling close on it to flush the contents to the file. – Gigatron Mar 5 '12 at 1:43

It's unclear from your question exactly how you want to use such a thing. An example of what you are trying to do might help.

Here's an implicit function that will add a simple operator that writes any object as a String to a file. (Note that I'm using >> to mean unix-style > since > already has meaning in Scala ("less than"). You can replace this with some other operator if you like.)

implicit def anyToFileOutput(self: Any) = new {
  def >>(filename: String) {
    val f = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(filename))
    try {
    } finally {
      if (f != null)

You would use it like this:

scala> List(1,2,3) >> "out.txt"

Which produces a file, "out.txt" in the working directory containing List(1, 2, 3)

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This is what I'm trying to do -- for example, if I call calculateSomething(a,b,c) which returns a list of Ints, ideally it would direct the print and println statements within calculateSomething to a file, and also send the returned list result to a file. – Gigatron Feb 29 '12 at 18:05

Looks to be working fine to me:

dcs@ayanami:~/github/scala (master)$ scala -e "println(2 * 2)" > output
dcs@ayanami:~/github/scala (master)$ cat output
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Thanks, but that's at the OS command line, not within a running REPL session. – Gigatron Feb 29 '12 at 18:00
@Gigatron Just generate strings instead of printing, and then it's easy to send to files. Then again, if you showed what you intend to accomplish instead of asking how to implement your desired solution, we all could be much more helpful. – Daniel C. Sobral Feb 29 '12 at 18:05

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