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1 ) I am using Jenkins with tomcat. I use jenkins cli from java class to create job and to build. I want to delete a archieved artifact. How to accomplish this ?

2 ) another question is, can we give a specific name to the build in jenkins (e.g) i want the build name like (buildNumber + someName). How to achieve this ?


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The artifacts for a build by default are located in: [JENKINS_HOME]/jobs/[job_name]/builds/[$BUILD_ID]/archive/, go there and delete it. It won't delete the link to the artifact from the build page, though. (If you are not sure where your JENKINS_HOME is, go to http://[jenkins_server]/configure, you'll see Home directory near the top of the page).

To change the display name of a build automatically try Build Name Setter Plugin.

To change the display name via CLI:

java -jar jenkins-cli.jar -s http://[server]/ set-build-display-name [job_name] [build#] [new_name]
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I am using hudson.cli with java. How to delete from hudson.cli methods. and also can we set name from build ? –  Muthu Raj Feb 29 '12 at 15:34

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