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I'm using PSPDFKit. The only mode I can show the pages is single. I'm wondering if it is possible to show two pages with when the device is in landscape position?

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When creating view controller for PSPDFKit using PSPDFView controller. make the page mode Automatic. It must be something like this:

PSPDFViewController *pdfController = [[PSPDFViewController alloc] initWithDocument:pdfDocument];
pdfController.pageMode = PSPDFPageModeAutomatic;
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Note that PSPDFKit tries to pick a good default, so on iPad you'll get PSPDFPageModeAutomatic by default. On iPhone, you need to zoom a lot so landscape will instead feature one page zoomed to full width by default. You can drop us an email to support@pspdfkit.com to get a faster response. –  steipete Oct 12 '13 at 14:19

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