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I like to host asp.net web application in IIS 7.0 (windows server 2008).

I configured session state as sessionstate mode="inproc" timeout = 120. Even the session expires within 15 seconds. What could be the problem?.


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Check the Windows Event Log to ensure that the Worker Process is not being forced to recyle.

There may be something in your code that causes the Worker Process to force itself to recyle in which case when the session is stored inProc it will loose all session values it's holding.

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sounds like the session timeout is set incorrectly in the web.config you could try something like:

    <sessionState timeout="2" />

to set the timeout to 2 minutes


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You can check your connection timeout in these 2 areas. enter image description here

enter image description here


Advanced settings

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I think session timeout and connection timeout are two different things, but good to know. –  Jerther Jul 29 at 23:07

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