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I'm new to SQL integration with C# WinForms stuff. I have an existing database and simply want to take the values from the text boxes on my form and efficiently write all of them to one row in a SQL Server database.

So this is what I've got, I was trying to make something generic, but if this isn't a good practice, let me know.

Every time I call this, it creates a new row. I know this is because of the ...Rows.Add() line but since my database table has a whole bunch of columns and the form has a bunch of textboxes, I was hoping to not make a gigantic command string.

static public void addToExistingTable(string table, string column, string value, SqlDbType valueType)
         using (SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(Global.connectionString))
              using (SqlDataAdapter dataAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter())
                    string selectString = "SELECT " + column + " from dbo." + table;
                    string insertString = "INSERT into dbo." + table + " (" + column + ") values (@" + column + ")";
                    dataAdapter.SelectCommand = new SqlCommand(selectString, con);
                    dataAdapter.InsertCommand = new SqlCommand(insertString, con);
                    dataAdapter.InsertCommand.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter(column, valueType, value.Length, column));

                    using (DataSet dataSet = new DataSet())

                          DataRow newRow = dataSet.Tables[0].NewRow();
                          newRow[column] = value;

      catch (SqlException exp)
            Console.WriteLine("Insert Error: " + exp.Message);

Please let me know if there is a good practice or resource to add a new row to a SQL database from a collection of form controls (textboxes).

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One thing for sure is awful : you're concatenating together your SQL statements. Don't do that! it opens doors on SQL injection attacks! Use parametrized queries instead - see Give me parametrized queries - or give me death for an explanation –  marc_s Feb 29 '12 at 6:20
agreed, i knew/know that writing some string statement would eventually get me in trouble, somewhere. i'm just seeing all kinds of insert/add examples and am pretty lost. –  ikathegreat Feb 29 '12 at 7:05

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