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I am working with python plugins for qgis .I used pyqt4 designer to design my forms.My code is as follows:

def getTypeName(self):

            return 'postgis'
def getSettingsKey(self):

            return 'PostgreSQL'

def getAvailableConnections(self):
    connections = []

    settings = QSettings()
    settings.beginGroup( "/%s/connections" % self.getSettingsKey() )
    keys = settings.childGroups()

    for name in keys:

        connections.append( Connection.ConnectionAction(name, self.getTypeName()) )

    return connections

In getAvailableConnections function for loop does not get executed.My registry flow is as follows: enter image description here

How to set path to registry like QuantumGIS-->GIS-->PostgresSQL??Please help me out....

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A possible reason your for loop is not being executed may be because keys is an empty array. Put a print statement to see if you're getting what you expect for keys –  Jeff Feb 29 '12 at 7:02
ok..but this is plugin for qgis.I copied it into C:\Documents and Settings\comp90\.qgis\python\plugins\...print statement does not work,when i run qgis exe. –  user1111283 Feb 29 '12 at 7:05

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