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With Ruby, I'd like to read and operate on integers one-at-a-time from STDIN. There are multiple lines of space separated integers:

3 67 41 20
6 21 433 25 1 6
5 2 3 5

In C++, the istream::operator>> automatically skips past whitespace, whether it's a space or a newline, and successively reads all the integers:

cin >> val;

In Ruby, the best I can find is this, which gets caught at the end of a line:

val = gets(' ')

I've also tried scanf.rb, but that seems to read a single integer and then discard the rest of the line:

require 'scanf.rb'
N.times do
  p scanf("%d")

Thanks for any help!

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I know no operator that works that way, so I would do it like that, not the best answer but still one.

while input = gets do
  input.split(' ').each do |value|
    result << value.chomp
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