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I want to search for issues closed since 10am yesterday. startOfDay("-1d") only gets me from 8am... how do I tack on the last couple of hours?

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Presumably you have configured your working day to start at 8am in the main JIRA configuration and likely configured JIRA to use a limited number of hours per working day as illustrated in section Configuring Time Tracking Settings within Configuring Time Tracking as well. So depending on your actual configuration there might be two solutions:

  • Either you need to use startOfDay("-6h"), assuming your Hours per day settings is 8 like in the illustration linked above.
  • Or you need to use startOfDay("-22h"), assuming your Hours per day settings is 24.

Good luck!

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You can use startOfDay("-22h"). -2w (weeks), -2m(minutes) is valid as well.

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