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I want to make a special list of figures with use of VBA and here I am using the function

myFigures = ActiveDocument.GetCrossReferenceItems(Referencetype:="Figure")

In my word document there are 20 figures, but myFigures only contains the first 10 figures (see my code below.).

I search the internet and found that others had the same problem, but I have not found any solutions.

My word is 2003 version

Please help me ....

Sub List()

Dim i As Long

Dim LowerValFig, UpperValFig As Integer

Dim myTables, myFigures as Variant

If ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Count >= 1 Then

myFigures = ActiveDocument.GetCrossReferenceItems(Referencetype:="Figure")
' Test size...
LowerValFig = LBound(myFigures) 'Get the lower boundry number.
UpperValFig = UBound(myFigures) 'Get the upper boundry number
' Do something ....
For i = LBound(myFigures) To UBound(myFigures) ‘ should be 1…20, but is onlu 1…10
       'Do something ....
Next i

End If MsgBox ("Done ....")

End Sub*

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Definitely something flaky with that. If I run the following code on a document that contains 32 Figure captions, the message boxes both display 32. However, if I uncomment the For Next loop, they only display 12 and the iteration ceases after the 12th item.

Dim i As Long

Dim myFigures As Variant

myFigures = ActiveDocument.GetCrossReferenceItems("Figure") MsgBox myFigures(UBound(myFigures)) MsgBox UBound(myFigures) 'For i = 1 To UBound(myFigures) ' MsgBox myFigures(i) 'Next i

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Frankly I feel bad about calling this an "answer", but here's what I did in the same situation. It would appear that entering the debugger and stepping through the GetCrossReferenceItems always returns the correct value. Inspired by this I tried various ways of giving control back to Word (DoEvents; running next segment using Application.OnTime) but to no avail. Eventually the only thing I found that worked was to invoke the debugger between assignments, so I have:

availRefs = ActiveDocument.GetCrossReferenceItems(wdRefTypeNumberedItem):Stop

availTables = ActiveDocument.GetCrossReferenceItems(wdCaptionTable):Stop

availFigures = ActiveDocument.GetCrossReferenceItems(wdCaptionFigure)

It's not pretty but, as I'm the only person who'll be running this, it kind of works for my purposes.

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