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I've been getting this weird exception on my code:

Ongeldige vertakking van één byte op positie: 4. Aangevraagde vertakking is: 202.

now thats nederlands and translate it to english would be something like:

Invalid branch of a byte at position 4. Solicited node is: 202.

Now i get this everytime i selected on a grid more than 4 or 5 column and then select in what order i want them (if ascending or descending). Now i will show the function where i get this exception:

Private Sub sort()

Columns.OrderByDescending(Function(f) f.SelectedSortOrder)

    Dim orderBy As String = ""
    For Each col In Columns
        If col.SelectedisAscending Is Nothing Then

            If col.SelectedisAscending.isAscending.ToUpper = "UNSORTED" Then
                Dim KolomNaam As String = col.Name
                'orderBy = orderBy & KolomNaam
                If col.SelectedisAscending.isAscending.ToUpper = "ASCENDING" Then
                    orderBy = KolomNaam & " ASC, " & orderBy
                ElseIf col.SelectedisAscending.isAscending.ToUpper = "DESCENDING" Then
                    orderBy = KolomNaam & " DESC, " & orderBy
                End If
            End If
        End If

    If orderBy Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

        If Not DataArtikelen Is Nothing Then
            Dim lstData As List(Of ctArtikelen)
            Dim comparer As DynamicComparer(Of ctArtikelen)

            WHERE THE EXCEPTION HAAPENS--> comparer = New DynamicComparer(Of ctArtikelen)(orderBy.Substring(0, orderBy.Length - 2))

            lstData = (From d In DataArtikelen).ToList
            DataArtikelen = lstData
        ElseIf Not DataOrderregels Is Nothing Then
            Dim lstData As List(Of ctOrdersRegels)
            Dim comparer As DynamicComparer(Of ctOrdersRegels)
            comparer = New DynamicComparer(Of ctOrdersRegels)(orderBy.Substring(0, orderBy.Length - 2))
            lstData = (From d In DataOrderregels).ToList
            DataOrderregels = lstData
        ElseIf Not DataOrders Is Nothing Then
            Dim lstData As List(Of getOrdersVanPeriode_Result)
            Dim comparer As DynamicComparer(Of getOrdersVanPeriode_Result)
            comparer = New DynamicComparer(Of getOrdersVanPeriode_Result)(orderBy.Substring(0, orderBy.Length - 2))
            lstData = (From d In DataOrders).ToList
            DataOrders = lstData
        ElseIf Not DataAnnuler Is Nothing Then
            Dim lstData As List(Of getAnnuleringen_Result)
            Dim comparer As DynamicComparer(Of getAnnuleringen_Result)
            comparer = New DynamicComparer(Of getAnnuleringen_Result)(orderBy.Substring(0, orderBy.Length - 2))
            lstData = (From d In DataAnnuler).ToList
            DataAnnuler = lstData
        End If
        If Not DataArtikelen Is Nothing Then Data = DataArtikelen
        If Not DataOrderregels Is Nothing Then Data = DataOrderregels
        If Not DataOrders Is Nothing Then Data = DataOrders
        If Not DataAnnuler Is Nothing Then Data = DataAnnuler

    Catch ex As Exception
    End Try
End Sub

Now my best bet is the string "orderBy" is to large because when i select like 2 or 3 columns i dont get any exception.. Can anyone give me some help and try to explain what means this exception and if it is possible to resolve it!

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Looking at this Web site Translates the error into Illegal one-byte branch at position: {0}. Requested branch was: {1} It appears to be a problem with the generated OpCodes. See if any of the Links help you. –  Mark Hall Feb 29 '12 at 22:15
hello mark, thanks for the awnser but the links didnt help that much.. I guess my bet is accurate, in vb we cant sort as much columns as we want, looks like theres a limit for that! –  Rui Mar 2 '12 at 11:52
If you are using DynamicComparer from CodeProject/Codeplex check out that answer: http://www.codeproject.com/Messages/2389840/Re-Get-an-error-when-adding-many-so‌​rting-items.aspx –  milter Mar 4 '12 at 4:06

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