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I have a number of UILabels on a single view of a iphone application ios 4.3. How to handle touch events for all these labels at one time? I wanted to show pop overs on touch of that label. I know popovers are not available on iphone and will be making my custom ones.

what i did was using UITapGestureRecognizer and adding an action @selector(labelTap:) and then doing [label addGestureRecognizer:TapGestureRecognizerObject. But when i use the same UITapGestureRecognizer for all my UIlabels only the last added label shows the tap action.

i have set userInteractionEnable to YES.

Can any one point me to the right direction?

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You need to create separate UITapRecognizer for tracking different UILabel, when a UIGestureRecognizer is added to multiple views, it will only track event from last it added to. To better understand why you need different instances of UITapRecognizer, think of it as a UIView that only handles touches event but doesn't do any drawing.

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