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Please any one assist me for implement parallax screen in super jumper game because I unnable to implement that. I have seen of your code but I can't Implement it. I same code in one class( and write only parallaxCamera class and in WorldRenderer I implement as but produce null pointer exception.


  public void renderBackground()
  // background layer, no parallax, centered around origin
 bath1.setProjectionMatrix(ParallaxCam.calculateParallaxMatrix(1, 1));

bath1.draw(Assets.mainbackgroundRegion,ParallaxCam.position.x - FRUSTUM_WIDTH / 2,         ParallaxCam.position.y - FRUSTUM_HEIGHT/2, FRUSTUM_WIDTH, FRUSTUM_HEIGHT);

in renderer---

//updateCamera = true;

And in constructr of WorldRendere--

this.ParallaxCam = new MyParallaxTest().new ParallaxCamera(FRUSTUM_WIDTH, FRUSTUM_HEIGHT);
 mcontroller = new OrthoCamController(this.ParallaxCam);
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for this see this URL complete implementation is here

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