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I have following code in autogenerated part of windows service class (ServiceBase derived):

                private void InitializeComponent()
                    components = new System.ComponentModel.Container();
problem line 32:    this.ServiceName = "QueueService";

and Code Contracts enables, i see few warnings, which i doubt are correct:

Warning 5   CodeContracts: requires unproven: !value.Contains("/")  ...\QueueService.Designer.cs    32  4   ...
Warning 6   CodeContracts: requires unproven: !value.Contains("\\") ...\QueueService.Designer.cs    32  4   ...
Warning 7   CodeContracts: requires unproven: value.Length <= MaxNameLength ...\QueueService.Designer.cs    32  4   ...

What is the problem with this code, and how fix this warnings?

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Does it compile without that line? –  Christian Feb 29 '12 at 8:41

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I believe the problem is that currently Code Contracts doesn't "look inside" strings, even if they are compile-time constants, so it doesn't know anything about whether or not the contract will be satisfied.

For example, the following will give a warning:

var test = "test";
Contract.Assert(!test.Contains("/")); // Warning here

You can use Contract.Assume to silence the warnings.

For example:

var test = "test";
Contract.Assert(!test.Contains("/")); // no warning
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