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I have class in C++ which must response for HTTP connection, that class must establish connection, send responses and do some other functions. This class is a part of huge project which I compile and finally get .so library for Android.

class HTTPSClient


    bool Connect(const XMLString& a_strURL);

Now I want to call java functions from Connect function in c++. I have experiences in calling java functions from C++ code, but I always pass JavaVM to the class for example I call init(JavaVM* javaVm); and give as an argument javavm which comes from native code.

Now my question is: Can I call java method from C++ code without passing as an argument any JavaVm.

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Define the JavaVM as a global/static variable of some class, e.g., by wrapping it up as a singleton. The variable can be accessed without explicitly passing it as an argument.

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Can you bring some example please ? – ViTo Brothers Feb 29 '12 at 10:05

You can use the Java Invocation API to create a VM directly in your native code.

Jim S.

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