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I would like to use the features of both Arquillian and PowerMock in the same JUnit 4 test.

The problem is that both products are JUnit Runners which should be used with @RunWith, and this is not possible to use multiple @RunWith on the same test class, or to put multiple Runners class in the same @RunWith annotation.

Do you know any way to do that ?

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Thanks, I've edited my question in order to be more precise. – Anthony O. Feb 29 '12 at 10:12
Matthew, can you please look to my problem… – Adelina Dimachi Jun 12 '15 at 12:25
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You can use PowerMock without using the runner if you use the PowerMockRule (which is a TestRule). From the PowerMockRule:

Since version 1.4 it's possible to bootstrap PowerMock using a JUnit Rule instead of using the PowerMockRunner and the RunWith annotation. This allows you to use other JUnit runners while still benefiting from PowerMock's functionality. You do this by specifying:

public class MyTest {
    PowerMockRule rule = new PowerMockRule();

    // Tests goes here

See also the answers to Junit Parameterized tests together with Powermock - how? and the following thread in the PowerMock google group: Using PowerMock without the RunWith?.

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No, you either need to:

  • use one and create a test base class that does the things you wanted the other runner to do.
  • separate your test into multiple tests, each using different runners.
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JUnit4 only supports one @RunWith annotation, and JUnit4's @RunWith annotation doesn’t accept multiple runners.

Reference: project13

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