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I'am developing an application for android spanning from API level 8 to 14. I'am trying to get the same fast scroll behavior of android 4 (see contacts-app) in the earlier versions (fixed stylish scrollbar on the right side). Has anyone an idea how to achieve this? I tried to find a way to overwrite the fastScroll-Drawable of my ListView but without success. Important is, that this is not the normal scrollbar but the fastscroll-action.

image 1

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2 Answers

Did u try adding

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This is working for Android-4-Devices with Holo-Theme. The problem is, that android:fastScrollEnabled="true" results in two different behaviors on Android 4 compared to pre Android-4-Devices. The question is more like: How can I achive the Android-4 FastScroll-behaviour on pre Android-4 devices. (styles, drawables, etc. are no problem, only the behavior of the thumbscroller) –  Neonfly May 30 '12 at 8:47
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For those who are still searching for a solution, there is now a library implementing this feature:


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