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I want to design a simple communication channel in MATLAB/Simulink.

The quantizer block outputs the integer type, which I have converted int to binary by integer to binary block. my problem: Say, input of int to binary block is N*1. Its output is N*M, where M is the number of bits used to represent every integer value. By which block can i convert the output of the size N*M to a NM*1 serial stream?

p.s: 1-I haven't the Xilinx library installed. Cheeers

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see this might help – Lynob Feb 29 '12 at 9:52

According to the ADC system below this system converts analog samples to 3 bits each and sends them in 1X3 matrix (parallal transmission) How to convert the transmission to serial transmission.

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Try the Reshape block present in Library Simulink->Math Operations.

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