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I use the Haml tempate system in my Rails apps and I imported into TextMate a plugin for coloring Haml commands. That works me fine.

Now I have one more problem - all Haml files have the same icon, like the JS files (*.html.haml has the same icon, like *.js or *.js.haml).

Is there any option to have for *.html.haml the same icon as for *.html.erb?

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I believe this is a Finder issue. Select one of your .haml files in the Finder, and then Get Info (File > Get Info) on it.

(I'm on my iPhone now so can't remember exactly what it says in the Get Info dialog but…) You're looking for something like Open with… or Open using. Select that and choose TextMate. Then be sure to change the setting there to open all .haml files with TextMate (or something to that effect).

Should work? May need to relaunch TextMate?!?

UPDATED: looks like it's a bit more complicated - you need to update some resource data in the TextMate bundle itself. See top answer to this question: http://superuser.com/questions/178316/how-to-set-an-icon-for-a-file-type-on-mac

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I tried it but unfortunately doesn't works me... yea, the file is opened in TextMate, but the icon of the file is still the same - unchanged. –  user984621 Feb 29 '12 at 11:25
Sorry, I thought that would do the trick. I updated answer with link to what would appear to be a way to accomplish this...short of waiting for TextMate2. –  Meltemi Feb 29 '12 at 11:50

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