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I'm using Ext.form.field.Combobox as cell editors in grid panel:

product: {
    xtype         : "anypartfiltercombobox",
    id            : "product-editor",
    store         : new Ext.data.Store({
        model: "Product",
        data: APP.feedbacks.aUserProducts
    displayField  : "name",
    valueField    : "id",
    queryMode     : "local",
    emptyText     : "Select game",
    allowBlank    : false,
    forceSelection: true,
    listeners     : {
        select: this._onProductChanged
device: {
    xtype         : "anypartfiltercombobox",
    id            : "device-editor",
    store         : Ext.create("stores.Devices", {
        storeId: "device-editor-store",
        data   : APP.feedbacks.aProductDevices
    displayField  : "name",
    valueField    : "id",
    queryMode     : "local",
    emptyText     : "Select device",
    allowBlank    : false,
    autoRender    : true,
    forceSelection: true

In stores.Devices store I have a method loadByProduct() that should be used by changing value in product editor.

So source of this._onProductChanged is:

_onProductChanged = function(oField)
    var iProductId = +oField.getValue(),
    oDevicesEditor = Ext.getCmp("device-editor");

    // Ext.StoresManager.lookUp("device-editor-sore").loadByProduct(iProductId);

So when I change product-editor value first (device-editor wasn't activated yet) in _onProductChanged I've got undefined for Ext.getCmp("device-editor").

But if device-editor was already opened, and then I change a product than all works correctly.

Btw, I also tried to get store using StoresManager and new data loads but in this case store contains new values and combobox shows old items.

Can anybody help me with solution?

Thanks, Andrey.

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Try to use Ext.grid.column.Column.getEditor method instead of finding editor by id. This method should create editor if it is not created yet.

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Thank you a lot!! I spent a lot of time looking for this, and each time when I looked at Ext.grid.column.Column APIs page I missed this method. –  balkon_smoke Mar 1 '12 at 9:01
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