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I'm creating a class and everything in it, dynamically, in a module.

(i'm leaving out everything but the creation of the class..)

in 'test.rb'

module Model

    def generate(input)
            class #{titleString};
                def initialize(#{attrStr});


    extend self

Then i load the module in another ruby-file, 'create.rb'

require 'test.rb'

Person = Model.generate('sample.txt')

Where 'sample.txt' holds the information for creating the class.

I can "reach" and create instances from the class within 'test.rb', such as:

p = Person.new('Joe', 22, 178,'New kid')

And when the class is instantiated, i can pass the object to 'create.rb'

But what i want to do, is "reach" the class from 'create.rb', and create the objects there..

Is it possible to assign the un-instantiated class to a variable, and then pass it?

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1 Answer

The solotuion was to return the name of the Class as a constant..**

eval("return #{titleString}")
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